Water Shortage in Ada Area Linked to Drowning of Students in Volta River

The drowning of two students of Ada Senior High School in the Volta River has been linked to water shortage in the area.

Reports indicate that these students went to the riverside to bathe and launder their uniforms due to the water shortage.

Moses Wusah, the local Assembly Member, stated that the taps had been non-functional, forcing students and the school to rely on the river.

Speaking on Newsnight on Joy FM, he said, “It is connected to the water shortage in the school and the district as a whole. Ada has been without water for almost a week now, with no water coming from the tap. Even the river water is unfit for use due to the spillage from the Akosombo Dam.”

He explained that despite the dangers of fetching water at the riverside, the school authority is forced to organise the students to fetch water at the riverside for their needs.

The Assembly member emphasized that while he had arranged for some young men to provide water to the school, the school’s population was too large. He added that as of 6:10 pm, many students had not yet bathed and the kitchen staff faced difficulties in acquiring water for meal preparation.

Meanwhile, he stated that his organization plans to send letters to request funds in order to install pumps directly into the river for the school’s water supply.

Communications Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Stanley Martey, clarified that the treatment plant in Ada was temporarily closed due to contamination caused by Akosombo spillage. This contamination has made it challenging for the company to obtain appropriate chemicals for water treatment, in order to meet drinking water regulations.

He assured that the GWCL was working tirelessly to treat water for safe consumption.


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