Watch: 3 rushed to the hospital after a gory accident at Big Ada

A family of three involved in a gory road accident on Big Ada-Foah highway(kings pub) after the axle shaft shattered and plunged under a small bridge on Saturday, January 15, 2022 at exactly 11: 22 PM.

According to the information gathered by, onomatopoeically, the Vehicle echoed loudly to the hearing of most residents which indicates a tragic scene, hence people walked out in their numbers to check on that. The fire service and and the police was alarmed but did not get there on time.

Unfortunately, the victims including two men and boy were not identified by names because they were rushed to the nearest hospital in town, Ada East District Hospital.

They were severely injured to an extent that, one was found under the vehicle while the two in the vehicle.

The boy among them was a bit able to talk as he elaborated that;

We are from Sege, moving to Ada Foah to Sleep whilst…

From the horse’s on mouth, they journeyed all the way from Sege Ada(work) to relax at their various vicinities (homes) at Ada Foah.

Hence, such a gory accident happened.

Watch video below;


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