Use the climatic data of Station X to answer questions 1 to 4 Station X

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  1. Which month in the station has the highest rainfall?

ANSWER: Option B. October

A. January

B. October

C. July

D. September

EXPLANATION: October has the highest amount of rainfall with 230 millimeters obtained among the other months.

2. What is the annual rainfall for Station X?

ANSWER: Option A. 1511mm

A. 1511 mm

B. 1504 mm

C. 1254 mm

D. 1160 mm

EXPLANATION: The annual rainfall for station X is the summation of all rainfall figures. That is, 62+50+56+89+180+189+140+163+228+230+83+41=1511mm

3. Calculate the range of temperature for the Station.

ANSWER: Option D. 14 °C

A. 2 °C

B. 5 °C

C. 12 °C

D. 14 °C

EXPLANATION: The range of temperature is the difference between the highest and lowest in temperature of station X. That is, 30-16=14°C

4. Which of the following statements is true about rainfall in Station X?

ANSWER: Option B. The station has a double maxima rainfall

A. The rainfall duration is six months

B. The station has a double maxima rainfall

C. Rain mainly falls in winter

D. The rainfall in the station is uniformly distributed over the months



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