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Amazing Health Tips To Follow When Pregnant

The conditions of pregnant women must be taken under consideration before any other personal activity. Below are top amazing tips to follow when pregnant.

1.You should always keep your appointments with healthcare providers

The healthcare provider (Midwife/Doctor) will tell you when and how often to attend or recommended to antenatal clinic (ANC).
Supposing you feel unwell, see the provider even if a given time frame for your next visit is not due.
By doing so, this is the initial stage for protecting pregnancy and individual’s well-being.
Your healthcare provider will examine you or run some examinations to ensure your baby and you are safe.
For instance, blood pressure, weight, ultra sound scan, urine, stool test, HIV etc. will be cross-examine.

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2. Taking the prescribed medications

Medications such as Iron and folic acid tablets should be taken every day during pregnancy or on a regular basis increase iron in the blood vessel.
Inadequate iron may cause anemia, other sickness and will make the foetus(baby) sick, weak and tired.

3. Taking deworming tablets according to your test results

Worms can cause anemia which leads to tiredness and poor health.
Take tetanus diphtheria immunization once or twice during your ANC period

4. Protecting yourself from Malaria

Malaria can cause anaemia, preterm delivery and of a small unhealthy baby. It can even kill the mother or the unborn baby. In this case, you must sleep under treated insecticide net your unborn baby and you from malaria and other disease.

5. Get enough rest to restore energy

Do simple exercises as long as you can or feels comfortable.

6. Balance your diet

During pregnancy, one must eat iron-rich foods, for instance, meat, fish. Remember, eating rich balanced diet helps your baby(foetus) grow healthier and stronger as well the mother.

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