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Top 10 Best Artists and Rappers In The Ghana Music Industry So Far- Opinion

The Ghana music industry has produced numerous artists who have all showed us that indeed, they have something to offer their fans and the general public. These talented personalities has led and revealed to us that, indeed Ghana is a home of entertainment and a very interesting place to find yourself as a free citizen. Ranging from adadamu, hip hop, dancehall, hip life and many more, we will continue to celebrate our dear entertainers for their outstanding works. With the purpose of this essay, much emphasis will be placed on some of the top rappers in the Ghana music industry and specifically the top performers.

Just like any other country, some entities and personalities do come out with their preferred and performing musicians based on the sort of criteria they applies in their studies. Some other people have been expressing their views and thoughts about this same instance by also formulating their best, Others may fail to go by criteria by just pointing on artist they think they like most and even goes on to tag them will whole sort of titles.

Due to my consistency in the hip hop and the great Ghana music industry I think it is befitting to also proceed and come out with my top 10 active rappers in the country as at time now. Upon my research, I based my criteria on the number of followers, the average views they gets on the social media, their rate of active in the system, influence and recognition some of these artist have gained from the general public or people who love hip hop and rap music in the country. Based on these criteria I present to you the top 10 best rappers in Ghana as of now.

Lord Kenya

If you happens to be one who have been following Ghana music for quite long then you will have no doubt about this man. He hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Lord Kenya used to rap in his early stages in his music career. He was a song writer and rapper who came out with hits like ‘Obra’,’Sika baa’,’Sika’ and also featured with others in many songs. With his skills and abundant energy, he wad arguably one of the best of his kind in the early 2000’s. He has won several wards and has even stood to be an artist of the year in Ghana before. But as at now, Lord Kenya is no more in the music industry as he has started his Church Ministration as a Pastor in Kumasi. He is now called Evangelist Lord Kenya.


He is a very humble man who also rap a lot. He is one of the outstanding rappers in the country as well. His music is full of advice and motivation and also love and relationship melodies. Some of his songs includes ‘Odo’,’ Moesha’, Kwame Nkrumah,  and many more. Obrafour can be said to top majority of the rappers in Ghana as of now in the country. He is having lots of followers and recognition in the country from both the elderly and the youngsters of the country due to some of the ways he present his songs.


Micheal Owusu Addo is his real but uses the stage name Sarkodie or in short King Sark. Sarkodie has been one of the consistent artist in the music industry for almost the first time he got hit. He had been an idol and mentor for almost more than half of all upcoming rappers in Ghana and even outside, as he has enstooled himself as the King of Rap in Ghana. He hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He has won many local and international awards and recognition from various accredited agencies.

Reggie Rockstone

He is regarded as the father of rap and hip life in Ghana as said by his colleague rappers in the country like Sarkodie, Obrafour and others. He is very fluent when it comes to live performance on stage and his agility is also high. Reggie Rockstone also hails from the popular Kumasi city in Ghana. He had also claimed a lot of awards and recognition from top actors in the music industry.

Okomfo Kwadee

Although his musical career did not end well, Okomfo Kwadee can be said to one of the best in the country. His style of music is different from all of the others in this list as his songs are based on story telling. He always structure his rap in real stories which do happen in our daily life. Some of his songs include Yeeko Maape, Abrantie, school, meba mokyen and others. Kwadee hails from the Northern Region of Ghana but have been staying in Kumasi for almost all his lifetime till date. Currently, he is being imitated by one active musician Fameye, as he said it himself during an interview that he is mentoring the great musician Okomfo Kwadee.


Obour is one of the skilled musicians during his time in the industry. He is a multi talented individual who is good in rap, story telling rap skills. He is song writer and a singer. He is very special when it comes to doing business on stage as he is obsessed with numerous awards especially his song about ‘Road accident’ through which he won the artist of the year at that time. He aslo comes from the Ashanti but live in the city of Accra.

Okyeame Kwame

He is one the men you can never skip when it comes to Ghana music and specifically rap. He is popularly known as the Rap Doctor as his fans used to call him. He had been in the system for more than 15years and still very consistent with his new singles. His hard work has earned his lot of respect and awards from both local and international bodies. Okyeame Kwame also hails from the Ashanti Region but now lives in Accra.


He is one of the top musicians in the country. Many people likes his style in the system especially the way he dresses. He is one of the few artists who usually dress mot at times in the local African prints. He is one of the finest in the country when it comes to rapping using the English language. He hail from the Volta Region of Ghana but stays in the Accra city.


Teephlow is one best rapper who sprang in the industry for quite some time now. His energy and skills when it comes to his performance is very great. He is a song writer and singer as well. Teephlow hails from the Western region of Ghana.


Strongman is a hardworking guy who started his rap business in Kumasi alongside many colleagues. He has taken part in many public rap contest and always stood victorious due to his qualities when he is on the mic. He has had songs with personalities like Sarkodie, Medikal and many more. Strongman is amongst the artists who hail from the Ashanti Region f Ghana.

These artist listed above can be said to be moving in the industry when it comes to rap, many of them are there in the country but these people can be to be in the top 10 based on my research findings. Do you have any diverging view of these?

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