Likely objective test geography questions for WASSCE 2023(answers)

OBJECTIVE TEST Answer all the Questions

  1. Which of the drainage pattern is best established in the area of alternate hard and soft rock? A.Trellis B. Centripetal C. Radial D. Annular ANSWER A
  2. Town A is located on longitude 15°E while town B is located on longitude 45°E. If the local time in town A is 6.00 am, what will be the time in town B?
    A. 4.00 pm
    B. 4.00 am
    C. 8.00 pm
    D. 8.00 am ANSWER D
  3. Which of the following factors affect temperature?
    I. Latitude
    II. Time
    III. Wind direction
    IV. Ocean current
    A. I and II only
    B. II and III only
    C. II and IV only
    D. I and IV only ANSWER D
  4. How many Standard Time Zones will a country with a longitudinal extent of 165° have?
    A. 9
    B. 11 ANSWER B
    C. 15
    D. 16
  5. An example of local craft industry is
    A. pottery ANSWER A
    B. ship building
    C. fish preservation
    D. sand winning
  6. Coastal deposition results in the formation of
    A. stack
    B. arch
    C. pillar
    D. beach ANSWER D
  7. The extent of coastal erosion depends on the
    A. amount of fresh water supplied by tributaries
    B. depth of ocean water
    C. salinity of the ocean
    D. nature of waves ANSWER D
  8. Carbonaceous type of sedimentary rocks are made from A. remains of dead animals B. vegetative matter (ANSWER B) C. molten magma D. living plants and animals
  9. Cold current can also cause A. rise in tide (ANSWER A) B. rise in temperature of an area C. sea level to rise D. fogs instead of actual rain
  10. The most predominant occupation of most of the population of West African countries is A. farming ANSWER A B. fishing C. mining D. teaching
  11. Which of the following methods of representing statistical data would be most suitable for showing annual production of rice for a country on a month to month basis?
    A. line graph
    B. pie chart
    C. bar graph ANSWER C
    D. flow chart
  12. Simple bar graphs can most suitable be used to represent all the following except
    A. values of a country’s exports and imports ANSWER A
    B. distribution of population in a country
    C. month by month rainfall records of a town
    D. values of various foodstuffs produced in a country
  13. An inlet which occur as a result of a collapse of the roof of a cave is a/an…
    A. geo ANSWER A
    B. arch
    C. blow hole
    D. stack
  14. A depositional landform or bar which connects or joins an Island to the mainland is termed as
    A. tombolo ANSWER A
    B. beach
    C. spit
    D. mudflat
  15. The instrument use to determine the radiation of a body/object is known as…
    A. sunshine recorder
    B. bellani pyranometer ANSWER B
    C. lysimeter
    D. eye visibility
  16. In which section of the river’s course is lateral erosion most pronounced?
    A. Upper
    B. Middle
    C. Youthful
    D. Lower ANSWER D
  17. Which of the following pairs are characteristics of sedimentary rocks? They
    (I) Are stratified
    (II) Are metamorphosed rocks
    (III) Are non-crystalline
    (IV) Originate from molten magma
    A. I and II only
    B. I and III only ANSWER B
    C. II and IV only
    D. III and IV only
  18. What is the approximate distance between two places located 20⁰N and 25⁰N on the same meridian?
    A. 500 km
    B. 555 km ANSWER B
    C. 620 km
    D. 4995 km
  19. Which of the following are benefits of mineral resources?
    (I) Source of raw materials
    (II) Source of foreign exchange
    (III) Emigration
    (IV) Unemployment
    A. I and II only ANSWER A
    B. I and IV only
    C. II and III only
    D. III and IV only
  20. A teacher who has relocated from a town to a city is said to have performed
    A. Rural-urban migration
    B. Urban-urban migration ANSWER B
    C. Rural-rural migration
    D. International migration
  21. Which of the following landforms is produced by extrusive vulcanicity?
    A. Batholith
    B. Composite cone ANSWER B
    C. Lopolith
    D. Sill
  22. Rift valleys are formed through which of the following processes?
    A. Erosion
    B. Folding
    C. Weathering
    D. Faulting ANSWER D
  23. Which of the following is a drainage pattern?
    A. Delta
    B. Mouth
    C. Source
    D. Trellis ANSWER D
  24. The instrument, barometer, is used for measuring
    A. Temperature
    B. Wind speed
    C. Relative humidity
    D. Air pressure ANSWER D
  25. Which of the following igneous intrusions is horizontally inclined?
    A. Sill ANSWER D
    B. Dyke
    C. Laccolith
    D. Batholith
  26. Which of the following is not a volcanic feature?
    A. Caldera
    B. Geyser
    C. Dyke
    D. Ventifact ANSWER D
  27. Transportation helps economic development through all the following except
    A. Movement of people and commodities
    B. Promotion of national and international trade
    C. Diffusion of ideas and technology ANSWER C
    D. Distribution of human population
  28. A rapid population growth can result from
    A. High death and low birth rate
    B. The use of family planning methods
    C. Absence of natural hazards
    D. Improved medical care ANSWER D
  29. Banking, insurance and teaching are examples of which industry?
    A. Consumer
    B. Tertiary ANSWER B
    C. Secondary
    D. Primary
  30. Which of the following factors hinder the development of tourism?
    (I) Spreads of diseases
    (II) Escalation of crime
    (III) Adequate publicity
    (IV) Inadequate appreciation of leisure
    A. I and III only
    B. II and III only
    C. I and IV only ANSWER
    D. III and IV only
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