How to earn money with branded content on facebook

Drive new monetisation opportunities with branded content

One way you can earn money on Facebook is by partnering with brands your audience would be interested in to create original “branded content”, or content influenced by the brand you partner with, for an exchange of value. Learn how to request access to this feature and see what branded content posts look like on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook accounts must be the owner or an admin of a Facebook Page and request access to the branded content tool. Anyone with access to the branded content tool can use Brand Collabs Manager.

All branded content posted on Facebook or Instagram must:

  • Meet the Monetisation eligibility requirements for creators.
  • Be posted using the Branded Content Tool to tag the featured third-party product, brand or business partner.
  • Follow our Branded Content Policy (don’t worry, it’s short!).

What is branded content?

Branded content is a creator or publisher’s content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value.


Includes celebrities, influencers or public figures that post branded content.


Includes media companies and entities that post branded content.

Business partners

Include brands, advertisers, marketers or branded content sponsors.

Branded content posts must be published from a Page. You can manage your branded content posts and deals in Brand Collabs Manager, a tool that connects brands and creators. You can also post branded content that’s also an ad from Ads Manager.

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