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How Mobile Phones Affects Our Daily Life

Many issues arise daily regarding the use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones are essential and helpful, but their usage determines the outcome.

Often, individuals, particularly young people, employ it in a negative manner. They engage in trivial matters that are completely irrelevant. Consequently, doubts and skepticism have emerged regarding its significance in contemporary life.

Below are some of the ways in which individuals misuses mobile phones;

Some individuals, particularly young people, use their mobile phones to watch pornographic content and explicit images. They often download these materials from the internet to view at a later time. Engaging in pornography not only stimulates sexual organs but also increases an individual’s level of sexual arousal. Around 80% of those who watch porn are unmarried and may attempt to persuade their peers to engage in sexual activities with them.

Engaging in such activities can result in teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. When individuals are unable to persuade the opposite sex, they often resort to masturbation. Research has also revealed that masturbation not only weakens sexual organs but also impairs memory, particularly in academic settings. Additionally, the use of mobile phones is a major cause of accidents in the country.

Another example is a woman cooking at home and using her phone to browse and surf the internet. This behaviour can lead to her easily forgetting the food on the cooker or neglecting to monitor the water heating in the kettle. Such negligence can result in a fire and cause loss of life, property, and more.

Similarly, some drivers use their mobile phones while driving, endangering the lives of passengers and pedestrians due to their distracted focus. In Africa, particularly in Ghana, approximately 5% of motor accidents are caused by drivers using mobile phones while performing their duties. Moreover, fraudsters have increasingly turned to the internet and mobile phones to scam innocent individuals, often sending threatening messages to instill fear in their victims.

Miscreants misuse mobile phones to deceive and exploit individuals by providing incorrect information about their location. Yet, despite these malpractices, mobile phones have brought several advantages to modern life. Some of these benefits include: Firstly, mobile phones have significantly simplified communication.

In the past, people used to walk long distances to convey information to their relatives. However, advancements in technology, such as mobile phones and internet services, have greatly simplified communication. Today, individuals can easily connect with each other through numerous social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter now X, and Messenger. Furthermore, mobile phones have facilitated convenient access to various resources.

In today’s world, obtaining information no longer requires seeking assistance from others. Instead, individuals can obtain accurate answers through various search engines and browsers. Some students utilize their mobile phones to access educational materials, aiding them in their studies. Furthermore, mobile phones have significantly enhanced financial transactions. People can now effortlessly send money and make payments for fees and bills without the need to physically relocate. This convenience is made possible by the use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones are now vital in our lives, evolving from communication tools to versatile gadgets. Misuse of mobile phones can disrupt society and harm personal relationships. Excessive and inappropriate use in public spaces disturbs others, and penalties can encourage responsible usage. Misuse can lead to illegal activities, psychological harm, and financial consequences. Furthermore, it can cause addiction, isolation, and impede personal development. Imposing penalties can raise awareness and foster a healthier society.

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