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Do You Remember the Ghanaian musician ‘Wisa’? See what’s new in his music career.

Wisa Greid is a Ghanaian hip life artist who has produced a lot of songs originally on his own. He is singer, song writer who has come out with over 50 songs in his music career. Wisa Greid became very popular upon releasing his single ‘Ekiki me’ in which he featured on artist called Luther which took place more than 6 years ago. In fact this song was everywhere in the country and even outside especially when he had a remix with Ghana’s number one rapper Sarkodie. Therefore, his music career was seen to be moving in the right path to the right direction this is because, having one of the top musicians in Ghana to represent in your new single is not an easy task to go about unless you are indeed ready for business.

At this point, something unusual took place in the life of this artist which can be said to be one of the reasons why he has been downgraded by many music lovers. This unfortunate event which was done by Wisa turned his serving bowl to the bottom as it was a very embarrassing moment. What did he do?

Upon releasing his single ‘Ekiki me’,the song got into the minds of his fans and was loved by many for this reason, Wisa Greid was invited to a concert to take part and outdoor his talent ones again to the fans. On the stage, Wisa performed very well and excellent with his new hit. I am sure that you have attended one live event like that before where artists are invited to perform alongside certain ladies who dance to the music. These ladies usually stands behind or the back of the performing artist. This was the same of it kind on that day but this time, something new happened in Ghana’s history.

Wisa had already sang a lot and was about to leave the stage for another singer to come on-board to also showcase his talent. Just about twenty (15) seconds for him to leave the stage, he pulled out his private part organ and to a surprise, he went too close to the lady who was dancing behind him on the stage and used it to touch her buttocks, can you imagine?

This part of his performance was captured and recorded by some of his fans who was recording the whole show at that instance. And as you already know, it went viral on the various social media handles in the country and even outside Ghana, thus it was a very embarrassing moment in the life of Wisa and Ghana music as a whole. As we already know in Ghana, such behaviour is never entertained in the midst of the various cultures of the people so through his act, most of his fans who followed him on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook unfollowed him whilst others too took upon themselves to speak harsh words on him and even to his family and specifically his mother. In fact the even his families suffered the most from the general public.

At this juncture, that was not all for Wisa as what he did went contrary to the laws of the country so he was drove to court to face the law in Accra. The fact is that, his act could cause our youngsters who were watching him on TV and other platforms to be doing the same. So after the court trails, the man was fined and granted freedom as he also vowed not to repeat that behaviour again in his life in Ghana else further punishment awaits him. After this, the artist took upon himself with others to plead to Ghanaians on his behalf at which some people welcomed him but not as he used to be.

Through this, he officially released a song titled ’I’m Sorry’. In the song, he said a whole lot of things to plead and asked for forgiveness from his fans and begged not to repeat that again but at this, a lot of them were not happy with his words again but still, life continues. Notwithstanding this, Wisa has proceeded with his music career as he has had many songs thereafter with top artists like Fameye, Medikal and many more.

From the above narration, it can be noted that we must be very carefully and mindful of everything we do in our day by day activities. Do not always do something which you may think to please other people because it can turn out to be the opposite if the general public resist it as our brother has faced. One thing is that, the outcome can pose a life long threat to your personality or even your business and brand and do not forget that your family will also not be spared.

Hope you have learn something from this piece, what do you think or have to say?

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