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2 students from Hope College attains top marks in the recent WASSCE in West Africa

2 students from Hope College, a private senior high school known for its excellent academic and moral values, have attained top marks in the recent West Africa Secondary School Examination. Master Kumah Benjamin Elikem and Master Koomson Isaac, both General Science students, graduated with 8as and 7as respectively, putting them into the top bracket as some of the best students this country, and even the Western section of this continent at large, has to offer. These two exceptional results form part of a host of top grades with numerous A1s and Bs, by the entire graduating class.

Below are the results of students;

Photo Credit: Hope College

This feat marks another impressive examination year for Hope College, after recording two 8As including the 2nd best overall  WASSCE score in all of West Africa last year.

Photo Credit: Hope College
Photo Credit: Hope College
Photo Credit: Hope College


Hope College is a Christian senior high school. It has been registered with the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana as well as with the Ghana Education Service. It is an approved West African Examinations Council centre for the May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination.
Hope College’s distinctiveness is in the fact that the four pillars upon which it is established – character, scholarship, service and leadership – are virtues that are inculcated in each student to become a part of his or her life.

Photo Credit: Hope College

At Hope College, we believe that character formation comes first. Christ-like character serves as a solid foundation upon which to build other virtues. Scholarship is the diligent pursuit of knowledge. At Hope College, students are not spoon-fed but rather taught to know how to diligently search for, find, and apply knowledge for the betterment of humanity.
Students are trained to pursue scholarship in a rigorous, honest and humble manner. Hope College esteems service above self; the sacrificial service that exudes from an altruistic personality.
A student whose character has been shaped to be like that of Christ and who has been entrusted with knowledge has a responsibility to live a life of service in grateful stewardship.
We train our students to serve others irrespective of their race, nationality, ethnicity, colour, creed or social standing. Students are trained to serve all persons but especially the underprivileged and downtrodden in the world. Students learn to serve throughout the world with their hearts, minds, hands and feet. We educate students to understand that servanthood is a sine qua non to leadership. We train students to learn to lead through service because we believe that the ultimate leadership is servanthood, and the ultimate leader is a servant.

Hope College develops not only the mind but also the total being. The College develops the physical and spiritual, intellectual and moral, individual and social capacities of students.
Hope College is an international college with students from Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Senegal, the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Jamaica and Italy. Anyone who has successfully completed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in Ghana or its equivalent or has successfully completed basic education in another country, whose basic education system is analogous with that of Ghana, may apply for admission to Hope College.

Photo Credit: Hope College

Anyone who wants his/her child to be blessed with a Christian education in a safe environment where the child is challenged to excel in character, scholarship, service and leadership needs to look no further but enroll that child at Hope College.
Students who attend senior high schools leave home to attend boarding schools during their adolescent years where they are very malleable and vulnerable to all sorts of influences. For nine months of the year, these students are away from the influence of their parents and many form undesirable associations and character traits. Indeed, many parents have lamented the fact that their innocent children return home after spending three years in senior high school to become deviants who, regretfully, have been negatively shaped or scarred for life. That is why parents need to ensure that their precious children do not attend high school to acquire literacy and numeracy skills to the detriment of their character.
That is why Hope College has been established – to ensure that students receive education that not only informs their minds but also nourishes their souls, builds their character and prepares them to live godly successful lives long after they graduate.
We want parents to go to bed at night at peace, knowing that their children are in the hands of trusted Christian guardians and mentors; Christian teachers who are not only interested in their students passing graded exams but that they are formed into the image of Christ and are prepared to face the realities of life with the strong foundations they need.
You want to choose Hope College for the education of your children because at Hope College, your child will be nurtured as an individual but trained to live in a community of faith and be mindful and caring of others. We have made Hope College a home away from home where our teachers are parents who care deeply about the total well being of our students – your children.
Your children will return home after their secondary education more mature, more respectful, more knowledgeable, more responsible and better equipped for life than when you entrusted them to us. This is our promise to you.

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